Home Page – St. Clair County High Class of 1974


Mark your calendars!!! The 50th Year Reunion of the SCCHS Class of 1974 has been set for April 20th, 2024 and will be held at Shadow Wood Manor, 4040 St. Clair Forest Rd., Moody, AL. More details concerning hours, costs, etc will follow soon.

This website has been created for the use of the graduates, classmates and spouses of the Class of 1974, St. Clair County High School, Odenville, AL.

We do have a Facebook page, but with the grand milestone of our “50th Year Class Reunion” just around the corner, hopefully we can leverage this website to share information, thoughts and ideas concerning our 50th Year Reunion, and also just to share information in general. Wow, 50 years. We once thought of that as almost an eternity, but here we are. On the day/night we graduated from high school, many of us had the thought of “We made it”. So, 50 years later, we can once again say “We made it” and at the same time remember those that we lost along the say.

This site is VERY MUCH under construction as of the date of this posting (Nov 16th, 2023), so come back later to see if there has actually been any productive progress made. But, before you leave, if you are a classmate, graduate or not, or a spose of a classmate, please take the time to register. It is a 2 step process in which you will have to respond to a confirmation email.

We will try to make updates periodically concerning the ongoing planning of our reunion, so please come back and feel welcomed to participate in any ongoing conversations and/or meetings. As we were in 1974. we are still in this together.

-Thank You!!