Welcome to St Clair ’74, the website for the classmates of St. Clair County High School 1974 graduating class. This site is not only for those that graduated in 1974, but also for all those that were our classmates along the way and may have transferred to another school or taken and early career option.

Located in Odenville, Alabama, St. Clair County High School remains a big part of our lives and played a huge part with where we each are today, good or bad, hopefully good. I would like to think that we all look back to those years with nothing but fond memories, and perhaps in many cases that we could get a do over.

We are rapidly approaching the date of the 50th year anniversary of that graduation day in May of 1974, so we have re-launched this website in efforts for us to have somewhat of a private place to get back in touch, share memories and to begin our preparations for our 50th Year Reunion. We have a private forum and an event calendar for just us that are classmates and hopefully will have a blog up and running soon.

The forum is place with pre-defined areas for us to add and discuss various topics while the event calendar will be used to schedule our monthly “Old Friends” get together for dinner and events associated with planning our 50th reunion. The blog will be used as a place to keep everyone updated with everything happening for St. Clair ’74.

This site is currently under construction and will change periodically, but our goal is to have it completed soon in preparation for our 50th Year Reunion and information on other events between now and then.

Hope to see you soon,
St. Clair ’74 Admin